Who We Are?

Our products & Services

KN Trading aims to do things differently.

Servicing the medical industry, KN Trading brings to the world a fresh approach to cleanliness. The ‘work smarter, not harder’ ethos is strong in all the products we bring to the world. Whether it’s a self sanitising robot, or a surface wipe that fights against germs for 30 days. We’re rethinking the way we keep our medical industry safe.


We value customer service to the extent that it is the single most important factor when distinguishing KN Trading.


We develop our people to embrace our vision while they achieve their goals and potential through continual learning.


We develop processes and procedures that enable our business to achieve its vision. 


We provide customer focused, innovative solutions through manufacturing and sourcing quality products. 


We invest in our future, focus on the profitable growth and measure our progress constantly.